• SageFrame 3.8-New & Better

    Uplift your CMS to yet another level with latest version

  • Exciting Layouts & Templates

    Get accustmomed to the laetst design features

  • Revel in the use of
    customizable CSS

    Construct, edit & set up custom-made css
    for your site from browser itself

Create a solid online presence within a few clicks


1. Create Layout

You can create your customizable layout with SageFrame. You can either choose one of the existing template and modify the content or create a new template.
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2. Create Pages

The next step is to create page and assign the layout that you have created. You can use the pages that are already available or create new ones as well.
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3. Assign Modules

To assign the modules to the page, all you have to do is drag and drop the modules onto the wireframe and create a customized page layout.
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